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Site Map  This page you are looking at now.

Glossary of terms  Listing of many terms used in this web site.   Including the make up of most of the steels we use in our blades.

F A Q  Frequently Asked Questions about our blades

Home Page  Main index page with some general information about the company

How we make our blades This section explains the processes used to make our blades.   I will be adding more pages here detailing various types of blades.   Including picture diary's and step by step tutorials of the making of some pattern welded blades.

    *     How to make damascus  General process of building pattern welded blades.

    *     Making a Damascus katana   Step by step diary of the making of a ladder pattern Katana.

Damascus Patterns   Illustrated listing of the various patterns we make for damascus blades.

Finished Blades  Blades from our past, made for our clients.

Knives for Sale Currently available knives for immediate purchase.

Warranty We try to make them right the first time, but if there is an error, or if something is wrong, we want to fix it.

About Us  Who we are, and more pictures.

Contact Page How to get in contact with us.

What is in a forge?   What is in the hot metal area of a blacksmith shop.

Custom tools  Custom tools made to make blacksmithing easier.

Living History Events  We are reaching out and setting up for demonstrations at Living History Events, such as Ren-Fairs and Scottish Games. This page includes Photo's from an event.

Links  Friends, Organizations, and other places for blades and blacksmithing things.