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I Forge Iron Logo Forum, Gallery, how-to tutorials, Live chat, there is a one hour long "Live Blue Pirint session, aks How to's" Yuesday's at 10PM Eastern Time.

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The IBA is where Indiana Smiths get together to work in the forge. We share and learn from each other, to sustain the craft of blacksmithing




Dawn has been a great assistance to me, Her company, American Discount Web Hosting is the host for this site, great prices and speed.


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"Bad Dogs Burl Source", has great stabilized and dyed woods, ready to use. So much easier to order from Roberts shop than do my own. Very fast shipping.


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TW Moran was one of the people to help me in  my path to smithing, He even sold me my first forge. This is the link to his web site: Silversmith, Blacksmith, and generally a great guy


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The place for world class swords. Web home of Dr. JP Hrisoulas, who started me on the path of Bladesmithing with his wonderful books and Blades.

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Michael H Mara is a full time knifemaker from California. Custom handmade knives and high performance cutlery for hunters, collectors, and chefs


Georges-Emeriau Logo Georges Emeriau Damascus Steel site, with international links.


Culpepper & Company Culpepper Logo.


Tactile knives Tactile knives.


Fenris Forge Logo If you have a blade or blacksmith related site, and wish to exchange links, Email me. If I approve of your contents, I will add your site to the list.

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